Health hazards men can face due to Egg

  • November 18, 2022

Health hazards men can face due to Egg

What comes first in your mind when you think of any high-protein food? Pulses, edible seeds, and eggs are definitely on that list. The topic of concern here is eggs. An egg has always been in the limelight whenever healthy foods are being discussed. In interviews with bodybuilders, actors, sportspersons, and celebrities, the egg is always discussed to be a part of their diet. Eggs are one of the biggest sources of protein, especially the white part.

This is the reason you would observe people talking about eating only egg whites and not the yolk. The yolk is the center of saturated fats that could wipe out all the efforts you have put into the gym or in the park. Besides enriching us with proteins, the egg is one of the most versatile foods you get. For instance, you could make an omelet, fried egg, and egg with gravy, egg chops, or much more.

But as we know every coin has two sides, looking at only one side gives us partial information and that can be dangerous. The same egg with the ability to fulfill your protein demand can become the reason for health hazards. This might lead you to take Fildena and Vidalista 60mg. So, what are those health hazards that men could face with the consumption of eggs, let’s find out.

Health hazards men can face due to Egg

Health hazards men can face due to Egg

Rise in cholesterol

This is the most obvious thing that could occur to anyone if he consumes eggs very often. But this goes contradictory we what we know about eggs. You wouldn’t find an increase in cholesterol in you if you skip the yolk and eat only the outer white part, because that contains zero fat. But common men are not celebrities; they consume the whole egg, thus, also taking a compact form of fats.

Superficially if you compare other high protein foods, the egg has a higher percentage of fats as compared to them. But being less expensive and good to taste, makes it a choice for them. The rise in cholesterol is the first step in making you a victim of heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, etc. But there is a way that you may not experience a rise in cholesterol even after taking egg yolk.

This could happen if your daily activities are so physically strenuous that they require such a high number of calories. But for common men who are mostly involved in some desk jobs, a rise in cholesterol is obvious.

Digestive issues

Your digestive system may also get a little ransacked with eggs. The compact fats in egg yolk make it hard for the digestive system to break down. An egg is not any other fruit or vegetable, it releases some amount of heat into the body. Hence, if you eat them regularly your digestive tract may get inflamed and can disrupt normal bowels.

Such men usually experience watery bowels and suffer from gastric issues where they get unusually long burps regularly. So, if you love eggs, egg it less frequently and one or two at a time. Trying to imitate the diet of your favorite celeb might land you in deep trouble.

Hair loss

Some people may not consider it a health hazard, but indeed it is. If your hair loss is significant at the age when your friends have full of hair and you are eating lots of eggs, then that could be the reason. But yes, there are several other reasons for losing hair, genetics is one reason, and deficiency of protein could be another. But now, you may say that you are eating eggs for protein then also why should we experience hair loss?

Yes, you are fulfilling the protein demand, but the heat generated due to taking too many eggs is eroding the hair. This is also the reason you would find most wrestlers having little or no hair. Hence, if you are currently a man who is experiencing hair loss and suffering from protein deficiency at the same time, find some other source of protein.


Readers may find this absurd, but yes, this is a hypothesis that is currently under research where the consumption of one or more eggs a day was found to be the reason for diabetes. As it is a survey so, the sample size may be debatable, but the thought should raise concerns. One thing is to be kept in mind animal protein is not for everyone unless you are doing something physical. Sitting in front of a laptop coding, and writing articles, you don’t need a high-calorie diet, which egg indeed is.

Frequent consumption is okay but following the lifestyle of a person whose job is flaunting abs all the time is not good for your health, unless you wish to take Cenforce 200 wholesale. Take decisions that suit your health not just your taste.